Exhibition Stands and Trade Show Displays

Exhibiting in trade shows or exhibitions in the EU or the US? Exposmart provides a wide range of exhibition stands and trade show displays in a variety of designs for Israeli companies exhibiting overseas. Our trade show and exhibition stand designs have been developed specifically to adhere to regulations in the US and the EU and we can work on your behalf directly with the exhibition organizers. We also offer turnkey project management for exhibitors, meaning we can assist our clients from the design stage of the exhibition stand or trade show display as well as looking after deliveries and installations at the show. Call us for further information and to discuss your requirements with our team

For further information and a quotation about our exhibition stands as well requests for new exhibition stand designs please fill in your details and we will get back to you ASAP

    Solutions for Israeli companies attending trade shows overseas

    At Exposmart we take a lot or pride in assisting Israeli companies attending exhibitions at trade shows overseas. Nothing can be more rewarding than watching a start up company attending an exhibition or a trade show in the US or the EU, making waves and knowing you are a little part of that! With our extensive knowledge regarding the regulations of each show, our ability to handle things directly with the exhibition organizers  as well as handle all logistics, we provide peace of mind to our clients / exhibitors, leaving them to handle the things they do  best.  We offer our exhibition stands, trade show displays and booth design services for medical, pharmaceutical, food industry, safety, hi tech and start up companies attending trade shows and exhibitions in the US, Germany, England, The Netherlands and many other countries across the globe. When we meet with our clients, our first step in the process is always to understand the objectives of attending the particular trade show or exhibition. From that point we work together to develop a design brief for their next exhibition stand or trade show display, discuss options and various booth designs and provide various suggestions.

    Eco-Friendly Sustainable Exhibition Stands

    Nothing can be more heart-breaking ( if you care about the environment  )  then looking at an amazingly beautiful stand design that right after the show turns into a pile of junk. This shocking waste of one-off exhibits takes it’s toll on our planet and if this is something you care about as we do you have come to the right place. At Exposmart we make sure our booth designs, exhibition stands and trade show displays are as sustainable, eco -friendly and green as possible. That means a number of things: Our exhibition stands and trade show displays are always designed to be used for many shows. This allow exhibitors to reuse their stands for many trade shows and exhibitions, hence our standard 5 year warranty. Another important point that makes our stands green is the fact that exhibitors can also reconfigure and rebrand their stands from show to show without the need to repurchase a brand new display stand every single show. The weight of the stand of course directly effects the fossil fuels used for deliveries and transportation. This is another reason why our stands are greener and kinder to the environment. They are simply designed to be lighter as well as, and just as important, very high quality meaning our exhibition stands and trade show displays will last for many years and for many shows.

    Turnkey project management services for Exhibitions and Trade shows

    The last thing many exhibitors want to deal with before an exhibition or a trade show is logistics and installations which can be a real pain. This is why at Exposmart we provide turnkey project management services designed to take that pain off the hands of the exhibitors. That means that our team will look after the entire operation in house and under one roof. We will look after the logistics, deal with the exhibition organizers directly on your behalf, make sure that the booth design was designed with all regulations and restrictions in mind and of course organize deliveries, installations and the dismantling of your exhibition stand. If you have any collateral materials that need to be manufactured or sent to the exhibition we can handle that as well. All that you will need to do is to show up on the day of the show for the hand over. Nice, easy, simple and painless 😍

    Booth design – the hands on approach 

    At Exposmart we are great believers in the hands-on approach when it comes to booth design for exhibition stands and trade shows. While we think that creative and beautiful booth designs are important, one should never forget that the number one reason for attending trade shows is to create quality leads. This is why we look at other critical issues that need to be considered. The first one and the most important one is the very simple question why, “What is your reason for attending an exhibition or a trade show?,” and to put it more simply: set up realistic objectives for attending a trade show or an exhibition before thinking about booth design, trade show display or an exhibition stand. Another important issue is logistics. It is critical that our clients will be able to handle the logistics between exhibitions with ease and with no major hassles. To put it simply, a good exhibition stand in our eyes should be easy to travel with or send by couriers and the installation should be fast and easy. Another important issue is the ability to use the exhibition stand or trade show display for many shows. This is why we make sure we create our booth designs in a way that will allow exhibitors to effortlessly reconfigure their stand from show to show to various sizes and shapes, change graphics and rebrand and of course, the deliveries between shows should be easy to handle.

    Backlit exhibition stands and backlit displays

    Creating a backlit booth design can make quite an impact provided the artwork design is suitable. The Exposmart range is wide and covers many options of backlit displays such as modular backlit exhibition stands that can be reconfigured from show to show while rebranded as well as backlit banners. We also provide illuminated banner stands and backlit counters all designed to work in very busy spaces such as exhibitions and trade shows while providing eye catching impact for maximum exposure.  Backlit elements in various booth designs and exhibition stand designs can be integrated to create three dimensional effect and can be very effective at making an impact at the show. A good example of that is the Lightico Stand Exposmart designed for the AFSA show in Dallas. It’s important however to keep in mind a few important tips when considering backlit stands such as: Easy installation – make sure your backlit display is easy and fast to install; Modularity – if attending many trade shows and exhibitions the size of the booth can be changed from show to show, hence the ability to change the backlit stand from say 2m wide to 4m wide is critical or you may find yourself buying new backlit stands and displays; Electrical – one must make sure that the voltage is suitable to the country, meaning the correct transformers is pretty much a must, plugs also need to be the right ones (exhibition organizers don’t like adapters and can reject your stand); Durability and transportation: make sure your backlit stand is made from quality aluminum, built to last and, critically important, make sure it comes with a high quality flight case on wheels that will last rough deliveries.

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